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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our House & Truck Mates

This is what we stayed in for our entire tour. Except for the trip into Rwanda, it was basically stopping at "campsites" which were pretty nice overall. All the places had rooms you could upgrade to (background of the picture), bars to drink at and sometimes, if you were really lucky, a swimming pool to lounge at. It sure didn't feel like you were in Africa here. J&I stayed in the tent the whole time. It was fun, comfortable, and kinda reminded us of the camping we missed out on back home. It's no Algonquin Park though that's for sure.

Below is a picture of some of the people we met on the tour. We're standing in a no-stand zone near some really hot hot springs (J's got a pic of us breaking the rules) somewhere in Kenya. Great bunch of people to hang out with. Let's see...guess the majority were Aussie here but some had dual citizenship so where would you put those....ahhh it doesn't matter, J & I are in the picture! :D


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