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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


It's cold, damned cold!

Lucky for us though the weather held out for a day to give us a chance to grab our winter gear. But going from +30 to -25 with wind chill (ahhh how I don't miss that term), nothing we wear will make us feel warm.

Apparently we brought the seasonal weather back with us. How lucky.

Well, we are now settling back in, and preparing for our next journey which is to head west. Yes, we're moving to Alberta, part of the Canadian prairies, home to Rodeo, cows and cowboys (I vaguely remember a bad joke about Steers and Queers), but most important, on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains. I can't wait to be around that again.

There's only going to be a couple more posts for me so let me take the time to say Thanks to everyone who followed us on our journey. I hope you enjoyed reading about our experiences and who knows, perhaps it's convinced you to do something like this later (it's well worth it!).


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